No FortaRock festival in 2017



It is with heavy heart that we have to announce that there will be no outdoor FortaRock festival in 2017. It is becoming increasingly difficult to build a good and solid program recent years, partially due to the increasing local competition but especially abroad and the continuously increasing bandfees. All kinds of reasons, which we have no control over, led to the point where we could not find a suitable headliner for this year’s FortaRock in the last weekend of May.

Many bands and artists will go on tour, but not earlier than June or have other preferences. Unfortunately, this also applies to many of the smaller artists. Therefore there is no solid basis for an outdoor event in a smaller structure. We tried everything, but sadly of no avail. Even moving the festival to another date was no option anymore. Therefore, we decided to set the complete focus on the 2018 edition of FortaRock. We realize that we disappoint a huge amount of fans at this time, it is absolutely not an easy decision, but one that is necessary for the survival of FortaRock the festival.

To ease the pain a little we present a brand new edition of FortaRock in the City on Saturday May 27th. The Doornroosje venue in Nijmegen will be completely devoted to heavy metal on this day. The first names are Periphery, The Contortionist and Destrage. More acts will follow. More info here.