Info and Festival rules

The most important rule for all festivals, and with that for FortaRock as well, is of course: be nice to each other and have as much fun as possible! Make sure you drink plenty of water – especially if it’s warm outside – and don’t forget to eat! Bear in mind: don’t do to other what you don’t want done to you. Just have a great day!

In order to answer any and all questions, we have compiled the following Q&A. In it you will also find our house rules, the so-called do’s and don’ts of FortaRock.

- At what time is the festival area open to the public?
Friday 1 June at 14.30 p.m.
Saturday 2 June at 11.00 a.m.

- At what time does the programme start and when does it end?
Friday 1 June 15.30 p.m. - 23.00 p.m.
Saturday 2 June 12.00 a.m. - 23.00 p.m.

- What age would you advise for festivalgoers of FortaRock?
We advise to come to FortaRock when you are 16. If you are younger than 16, you will have to be accompanied by someone older than 18. We advice against bringing babies and/or small children, however, they will be admitted to the festival. Please note that you will have to pay the full FortaRock admission price for babies and children.

- What can I bring to FortaRock what not?
Don’t bring: video equipment, sound-recording equipment, professional photography equipment (i.e.: photo camera’s with long zoom lenses), glass containers, cans, drinks or food from home, empty bottles, flagpoles more than 2 centimetres in diameter and longer than 1.5 metres, umbrellas, parasols, walking sticks (other than crutches), weapons of any kinds, laser pens, large aerosol cans (other than deodorant or perfume), stools and/or chairs.

You can bring: cell phones with photo and/or video, normal digital photo camera’s without long zoom lenses, rain capes (these can also be bought), small deodorant / hair spray / perfume cans, chains to your paints or belts and other jewellery.

- Are there any lockers available at the festival area?
There are a limited number of lockers available at the festival area, right after the entrances to you right and left. Please note: there is no guarantee you will be able to obtain one.

- What facilities are available to physically challenged people? And where can I go for more information?
There is a special wheelchair platform for wheelchair users. Physically challenged people and wheelchair users can also make use of the handicapped toilets and special parking places. If you are physically challenged and/or are in a wheelchair and you wish to make use of these special facilities, please send a timely email to stating your name and address. You will then receive a confirmation letter with all information you need. This is also the Email address for other questions you may have.

- Is there a facility where you can express and store mother’s milk for breastfed babies at home?
Yes, this is possible at the First aid station. Please mail us for more information and to obtain an admission letter:

- How can I pay for food and drink at the festival?
You can pay for your drinks and food with FortaRock tokens, on sale at various spots at the festival area. You can buy these tokens both with your ATM card and with cash. Please note: there are no ATMs at FortaRock where you can collect cash.

- Can I return my leftover tokens? And, if so, where can I do this?
This is certainly possible, at the first cashier’s counter, right next to the main entrance and until 30 minutes after the show has finished.

- Can I use my leftover tokens from earlier FortaRock editions?
No, tokens bought at earlier editions of the FortaRock festivals can’t be used again. You can only pay with the tokens for sale at 1 & 2 june 2018 at the festival area.

- Is there a clean-up system at FortaRock?
No, there isn’t.

- Are there any merchandising articles on sale at FortaRock?
Festival and band merchandising articles can be bought during FortaRock. At the merchandising stalls you can pay with your ATM card and with cash.

- Is there a lost & found, and where can I find this during and after the festival?
Lost items can be retrieved at the info stand, next to the entrance. Items that are not retrieved during the festival will be brought to the Nijmegen police, at: Team Zuid, Muntweg 209, Nijmegen.

- Earplugs
Earplugs can be bought at the bar.

 DO'S and DON'TS

Identification: During the festival you are obliged to carry identification, as are all people 18 years and over in the Netherlands, at all times. So be sure to bring a valid passport or driver’s licence, or a Dutch “identiteitskaart” or “OV-studentenkaart”.

Alcohol: At FortaRock under-age visitors (< 18) are not allowed to buy and/or consume alcoholic drinks. Furthermore, visitors of 18 years and older are not allowed to pass on alcoholic beverages to under-age visitors. Offenders will receive a warning the first time, but will be removed from the festival grounds after a second offence.

At the request of FortaRock organizers, security personnel and other staff, you will show your ID, so your age can be established.

Smoking: At FortaRock, smoking is only allowed in the open air. In the buildings and tents and beneath canopies, smoking not allowed. Visitors under 18 are not allowed to buy cigarettes at FortaRock.

Security: CCTV, security personnel and police officers guard the festival area. Nevertheless, we strongly recommend you to leave valuable items at home, and never in your car!

Crowd surfing: Has been prohibited for years now.

Obnoxious behaviour: carrying around or throwing festival furniture or other inventory is prohibited. The same goes for obnoxious and/or aggressive behaviour that bothers other festivalgoers.

Drugs: according to Dutch Law, it is prohibited to carry and/or deal illegal substances, including all drugs.

Dealing and sampling: it is prohibited to deal other goods, hand out flyers for other festivals and shows and/or sample music at the festival area or the parking areas.

Pets: are not allowed, for their own good.

Climbing: it is prohibited to climb on or in the festival tents, the stages and/or the festival infrastructure.

Graffiti: forbidden! Anyone seen doing graffiti will be fined for the damage and will be removed from the festival area.

Fire: any open fire is prohibited at the festival area. This includes torches.

Camping: Unfortunately the Goffertpark does not offer the opportunity to camp out. This means there is no campsite near FortaRock. However, there are several other camping facilities in the Nijmegen area. Camping out at parking areas is not allowed. Click here (UITBuro Nijmegen) and here (Tripadvisor) for other sleeping arrangements in the area.

When there is an argument or doubt about any of the rules mentioned above, the festival organisers or any staff member will have the final say, at all times.